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Trauma Informed Care

Total Course Duration: 5 hours

Total Course Duration: 1-day & 2-day workshops (Min 8 - Max 20)

Trauma Informed Care is a strengths-based framework grounded in an understanding and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, that emphasises physical, psychological, & emotional safety for both workers and clients. The workshop creates opportunities for workers to learn how to work with clients to rebuild a sense of self-worth, control and empowerment. Trauma Informed Care Practice recognises and acknowledges trauma and its prevalence.

If you work in a community-based setting with people who have experienced trauma, this workshop will provide a framework for understanding, responding, and aiding recovery. Trauma experiences are common and the effects can be profound. You will also learn communication skills to help your clients:

*Strengths Based Perspective

*Build resilience


*Learn skills such as powerful questions, reflecting, summarising to help your client move forward and make positive change