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Understanding Substance Misuse & Minimising Harm

Total Course Duration: 5 hours

Total Course Duration: 1-day or 2-day workshops or 4hr option (Min 8 - Max 20)

A substance can be anything that is ingested to produce  a high, alter one’s senses, or otherwise affect mood, perception or consciousness.

The 4hr option is suitable for workers in the Community Services Industry who work with people who abuse substances. Substance abuse may not be the primary reason for initial contact with your service. Learn how to identify the 2 categories of drugs and how to engage clients in harm minimising techniques.

The 1 and 2 day options are interactive, and cover in more detail how to respond, which includes the communication module.

Topics covered:

*Categories of drugs and their effects

*Reducing the harm caused by substance misuse

*Harm minimisation activities

*Treatment options

*Talking to clients about their substance misuse